The T.I. Saga Continues…

We made some great progress this past week on all our T.I.. For those of you who can carry on a conversation using terms like omaplata, De La Riva, or Berimbolo without blinking an eye, but might not know as much about commercial leases, in real estate parlance, T.I. stands for tenant improvements. For anybody who has no clue what an omaplata is, you better plan on getting signed up for class. We’ll have you speaking the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lingo in no time!

My folks came out to visit their grand-daughters, so I did what any loving son would do. I put them to work. We were able to get the locker rooms and the front desk nearly finished.


A couple other guys showed up Saturday to help knock out the painting. They seem to be anxious for the school to open. I’m guessing they’ve grown tired of crashing into the cinder-blocks and bicycles when we train in my garage.

The net result of all these efforts is we are nearing completion. The painting is done, the changing rooms are all but finished, the spectator’s benches are being built, and the storage shelves and front desk area are being assembled. While our target date of a June 5 opening did not come to fruition, we are so close! The vinyl cover for the mat is scheduled to be delivered today, so we’re planning on putting down the mats tomorrow.

It is safe to announce that we will officially be opening our doors on Monday, June 12, 2017! Mark your calendars!