For the consideration and safety of all our members, we humbly ask everyone to consider the following rules at Werneck Family Jiu Jitsu:

1. No shoes on the mats and no bare feet off the mats.

We clean and disinfect our mat daily for everyone’s comfort and safety. Help us keep it this way by always wearing shoes off of the mat.

2. Maintain good hygiene.

Come to class clean, and in clean training attire.

3. Cut your nails and remove all jewelry.

Long nails can cut like a knife. Rings, earrings, etc. are hazardous to both wearer and training partner.

4. Clean your uniform and all gear after every use.

This isn’t just about courtesy – dirty gear is very unhealthy and can lead to skin infections for you and your teammates.

5. No open cuts or wounds on the mat.

Tape up any minor cuts or abrasions. This protects you and your teammates. If you have any serious cuts or injuries, then you should not train.

6. Don’t train while sick.

If you are sick, rest up and come back strong. Don’t share.

7. Be on time.

We adhere to the rule, “better late than never.” We’d rather see you in class than not at all. Just do your best to come on time.

8. No hard plastic on the grappling mats.

Hard plastic wrestling ear guards and joint protectors can hurt your training partners and/or damage our grappling mat. If you must use gear like this, please look into foam/soft options.

9. No coaching from the sidelines.

An occasional word of encouragement is great; anything more is disruptive to the class and undermines the instructor-student relationship.

10. No filming or videotaping without permission!

Appreciate everybody’s right to privacy.


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